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Mad Cat Sloth A Cado 2pk

Mad Cat Sloth A Cado 2pk

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Sloth-O-Cado 2 Pack Catnip & Silvervine Cat Toy by Mad Cat®

Get ready for feline fun like never before with our Sloth-O-Cado 2 Pack Catnip & Silvervine Cat Toy by Mad Cat®! Your cats will be bounding with excitement, indulging in leaps, kicks, and joyful pounces as they chase after this dynamic duo.

What sets this toy apart is its unique blend of enticing catnip and silvervine, creating a double whammy of irresistible allure for your feline friends. But that's not all – we've added a delightful crinkle feature that produces an enticing sound, making playtime even more exciting for your furry companions.

Silvervine, an all-natural catnip alternative, is a key ingredient in this captivating toy. Cats adore it, and it often elicits the same playful reactions as traditional catnip. Even cats that aren't typically affected by catnip can't resist the charm of silvervine.

Key Features:

  • Two adorable shapes: 1 sloth and 1 avocado
  • A tantalizing blend of silvervine and catnip
  • The sloth character comes with a built-in noise feature to grab your cat's attention
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