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  • Prepare for Jubilee Fireworks with us!

    Worried about fireworks? Find out which natural calming products might help you pet.
  • Super Sprats - the benefits of sprats

    Why we recommend Sprats for training and enrichment PLUS our suggestions of how to use Sprats for happy and healthy dogs.
  • Late Night Shopping Every Monday

    Ziggys is open from 9am - 7pm every Monday. 

    Our shop and our Holistic Vet Clinic are both open until 7pm every Monday. 

  • Egg-quisite Egg recipes for your dog this Easter

    Can you feed your dog raw eggs or cooked eggs? The short answer is YES! For the longer answer (including recipes!) read our blog.
  • How to Safely Remove Ticks

    How to safely remove ticks from your dog or cat.
  • How Strong Chemical Flea and Tick Treatments are Damaging our Native Wildlife (and what you can do to avoid this!)

    Did anyone else read this devastating article, published in the Guardian newspaper in November 2020? There was so much going on in the world at t...
  • Holistic Vet & Chinese Herbal Medicine at Ziggys

    At Ziggys we offer Holistic Vet services in conjunction with DrJulia Ledger-Muennich, MRCVS. Julia specialises in Veterinary Acupuncture, Food The...
  • Joint Care for Cats - Our top tips and ingredients to look out for 🐱

    As the weather gets colder, joint issues in cats can be exacerbated. You many notice that your moggy gets a bit slower when walking around, develo...
  • Joint Care for dogs - Top Tips and Ingredients to Look out for 🐶

    As the weather gets colder, joint issues in dogs can be exacerbated. You many notice that your pooch gets a bit slower on walks, develops a limp or...
  • Collecting your order from our Lingfield Pick Up Point

    Collect your raw food, supplements, treats, toys and anything else we stock from Lingfield, Surrey. We have a collection point inside Long Acres Camping, which is on Newchapel Road (RH7 6LE).
  • Hidden Dangers when having a Mooch with your Pooch - Winter Edition

    The hidden dangers when having a mooch with your pooch! Article by Kathy Hobson of the Sussex branch of Dog First Aid. The benefits of walking on b...
  • Our Favourite Natural Calming Products.

    Whether your pet gets nervous at the groomers or anxious when travelling these powerful yet natural ingredients may help. Read our guide to know wh...