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Leucillin skin dropper 50ml

Leucillin skin dropper 50ml

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Leucillin is an anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solution specially formulated for all mammals, birds and reptiles. This non-toxic formula is designed not to sting, to clean wounds and promote healing. Leucillian will soothe your pet's wound and promote healing. The spray bottles makes application even easier. An essential bit of kit for all pet owners. 

Suitable for: All mammals, birds and reptiles. 

Why we love Leucillin Antiseptic Spray:

  • Kills up to 99.999% of all germs
  • Designed not to sting your pet
  • It's fast acting
  • Can be used on open wounds
  • Can also be used to reduce irritation and itching
  • Non Toxic
  • Safe to use on ears and sensitive skin

This product is available to buy from our shop in Forest Row. It is also available to order as a Click and Collect from our shop in Forest Row or our Lingfield collection point. If you would like to collect from Lingfield, please order a 'Pick Up' and pop a note in the comments. 

This product is also available for local and national delivery. 


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