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Cleanocular eye cleaner

Cleanocular eye cleaner

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CleanOcular contains salicylic acid, which is known for its keratolytic properties and can help eliminate the darkening caused by tear stains around the eyes of lighter coloured animals. The boric acid in CleanOcular is an antimicrobial with disinfectant power. Witch hazel and cornflower distillate have softening and calming properties. CleanOcular has a pH of 7.4, which is identical to that of dogs' and cats' tears,  ensuring that your pet will tolerate the drops.



  • Cleaning around the eye: soak some gauze or a clean cloth in CleanOcular and gently wipe around the eye. To increase the product's efficiency, we recommend wiping from the inside of the eye to the outside of the eye.
  • Cleaning the eye: Drip CleanOcular liberally into affected eye by gently squeezing the bottle. Use gauze to wipe away foreign bodies and excess liquid. Repeat as required.
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