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Whimzees Medium Stix

Whimzees Medium Stix

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These Whimzees Stix Medium are fun dental health dog chews to help fight boredom whilst also fighting plaque. Featuring rounded points to help clean the smaller spaces between the teeth in multiple textures to provide interest.

Manufactured to human-food grade standards using all natural ingredients, the whole range is vegetarian with no added preservatives, nothing artificial, and gluten and sugar free. Whimzees Chews are also low in fat and high in fibre to aid digestion.

We will randomly allocate a colour to your order, each colour contains different ingredients. Alfalfa extract is found in the all-natural green colour to provide vitamins K, C and six B's, as well as beta carotene. Annatto Extract is found in the orange colour offering a rich source of antioxidants from the Annatto fruit. Malt extract enhances the natural flavour in the all-natural brown colour.

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