Nutraflora 48 Capsules (not available online)

Nutraflora 48 Capsules (not available online)

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 Nutravet products (including Nutracalm) are not available to purchase online however we do have a good stock in our store. Please call 01342 822936 or email with any questions.


Natural probiotic capsule with Vitamin B12 to aid recovery and support convalescence. nutraflora includes scientifically proven ingredients that deliver friendly bacteria which survives the passage through the stomach and rapidly multiplies in the small intestine. 

nutraflora is a natural veterinary strength probiotic that has been developed to help aid recovery in animals undertaking surgery and during convalescence. It contains a unique formula including a special strain of a natural probiotic bacteria (Enterococcus faecium) together with a prebiotic, natural antioxidants and Vitamin B12 that help maintain healthy gut function and the immune system to support fast recovery.

    • High strength probiotic to aid recovery
    • Quickly increases the number of friendly bacteria

    • Fast acting support of gut microflora

    • Aids long-term gastrointestinal health & gut function

    • Supports a healthy immune response

    • Competitive exclusion of pathogens

    • Supports Vitamin B12 serum levels

    • Boosts appetite & energy levels

  • Easy to administer sprinkle capsules