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Huggle Hounds

Huggle Hound Racoon

Huggle Hound Racoon

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Experience the Original: Hugglehounds® Knotties® - Unleash the Fun!

At Ziggy's Pet Supplies, we're proud to offer Hugglehounds® Knotties®, the pioneer in knotted, plush dog toys. These toys have become the gold standard for durability and playfulness, ensuring endless entertainment for your furry friend.

What sets Knotties® apart is our exclusive Tuffut Technology®. These toys feature a robust three-layer lining on the inside, maintaining their durability, while the exterior remains irresistibly soft and huggable. With natural tugging instincts catered to by the soft fabric and knots in the limbs, along with five squeakers, Knotties® are designed to keep your pup engaged and active.

Our Knotties® aren't just about play; they also promote healthy exercise and mental stimulation, making them a favorite among owners, dogs, and puppies of all sizes and breeds. Plus, the joy of owning a Knottie® doesn't fade with time because all Hugglehounds® plush toys are machine washable, ready for many playtime adventures ahead.

Choose Hugglehounds® Knotties® for your pet from Ziggy's Pet Supplies, and witness the joy, durability, and entertainment these toys bring to your four-legged family member. Give your pup the best - order yours today!

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