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Cotswold Raw

Cotswold Raw 80/20 Adult Turkey 500g

Cotswold Raw 80/20 Adult Turkey 500g

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Winner of the Pet Product Innovation of the Year Award 2016, Cotswold RAW Mince and sausage meals for dogs are produced in the Cotswolds using only the finest, freshest, human grade ingredients. All the ingredients are British and sourced locally where possible such as our eggs and vegetables, which come from just down the road in the Vale of Evesham.

As well as using lean cuts of British meat, each pack of mince or sausages contains: Bones, beef heart, beef liver, free-range eggs, seasonal vegetables, fresh fruit and our range of Cotswold RAW herbal supplement. Absolutely nothing is added that is not listed on the label.

80/20 mince or sausages are specially prepared to meet the nutritional requirements of an active dog and consists of 80% raw meat and bone, 20% high quality carbohydrates and natural herbal supplements.

Ingredients: British turkey crown, bone, beef heart, beef liver, free range eggs, fresh seasonal vegetables (carrots, broccoli, parsnip or kale), milled flaxseed, kelp, cayenne, dandelion, alfalfa, spirulina, nettle leaf, turmeric and thyme. 

Adult dogs should be fed, as a guide 2-3% of their bodyweight per day.

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