What Should I Feed My Puppy?

What Should I Feed My Puppy?

Did you know, the University of Helsinki recently conducted a study that found puppy diets affect your dog's health for the rest of their life? No surprise there!

Many of our customers believe that raw food is the way to achieve this health benefits for their new family member and our team is here to help!

If raw food doesn't suit your pup or you, then we recommend looking for one of these:

  • A cold pressed kibble with a high meat content
  • A kibble with a high meat content
  • A wet food (trays, tins or cartons) with a high meat content

We do always recommend using a formula suitable for puppies as your pup will need extra support while their body is growing - especially larger and giant breeds. 

Don't forget Ziggys was founded by a Holistic Vet so you can trust our carefully chosen range of puppy food to be the best there is for your new family member. 

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