Yora Dog Food - perfect for dogs with allergies or owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Yora Dog Food - perfect for dogs with allergies or owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our team recently enjoyed a fantastic training session on Yora food for dogs. We will be having another training session on Yora food for cats in the future. 

During the training session our team learnt about why Yora is a good choice for owners concerned about the ethics of pet food companies. We discussed:

  • The insects used to make Yora are fed fruit and vegetables. Some animals used by the pet food industry are fed on soy. Soy has a terrible carbon footprint and is also not a natural food source. 
  • The method for farming the insects is designed to minimise water usage, which again makes it a very environmentally friendly pet food
  • The insect farm used by Yora have a high ethics code. In fact, the insects used live almost their entire lifespan - unlike other animals used by the pet food industry
  • The insects are humanely killed. Before the insects are killed, they are cooled. Studies have shown this prevents them releasing stress hormones and the insects used do not feel pain as part of this process

The health benefits of using an insect based dog food:

  • The oil from the insects has excellent skin, coat, brain and joint benefits
  • Yora is based on a natural meat source, which means it is not a highly processed food
  • The insects used are not fed growth hormones or given antibiotics. They also don't need any wormer chemicals. 
  • Yora is hypoallergenic
  • The insects used are very high in protein and fat
  • Longevity studies have shown that this particular kind of insect has very good outcomes in terms of joint health

Why does Yora contain oats and potatoes?

Oats are low in sugar, high in protein and hypoallergenic. 

Both oats and potatoes can be grown in the UK which further reduces the carbon footprint of Yora. 

Why does Yora contain insect 'meal'

In our training we learnt that 'insect meal' just refers to a process of preparing the insects which involves grinding up and drying the insects. Nothing else is added as part of this process and it is necessary to get the right protein and fat content for dog food. 

How can dogs transition to Yora?

If using another dry food, Yora recommend switching over the course of 1 - 2 weeks (older dogs and dogs with less strong stomachs should be closer to 2 weeks).

Yora can be used with wet dog food, and could be fed in the same meal. 

Yora can be fed to dogs on a raw food diet. It could be used as an economical treat option or fed in a separate meal. As with all dry dog foods, we do not advise feeding Yora and Raw in the same meal. 

We also discussed the different types of dry dog food that Yora produce. 


  • Supports brain growth 
  • Yora is high in calcium, which is good for bone development
  • It is also high in protein, which is great for growing pups
  • Yora is hypoallergenic, so ideal for sensitive skin
  • The Insect protein in Yora is highly digestible - even more so than chicken protein which makes it gentle on tummies
  • The insects used have a good balance of fat and protein, which gives slow release energy (ideal for excitable pups)

Small Dogs

  • The Small Dog Yora has more of the Insect Oil which is high in Omega Oils - making it a great choice for those small breeds who are prone to skin issues
  • Yora is designed to be highly palatable, which makes it great for fussy dogs

Large Breed

  • Extra joint care
  • Low cost per day


  • Added turmeric to support joints in older age
  • Easy on the kidneys
  • As dogs get older they need plenty of Omega 3 for brain maintenance, this usually found in fish oil, but the fish get it from algae - Yora use sustainable algae
  • BSFL Larvae are naturally high in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs). Studies have shown these MCFAs such as Lauric Acid improve mental health in older dogs.
  • Also contains 300mg/kg Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM to protect those delicate joints
  • Contains Chicory Pulp to promote healthy gut flora.


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