The Benefits of Bone Broth

Got a pet who suffers from a bad tummy or lack of appetite? This is for you!
Benefit 1: Bone Broth helps support a healthy Gut! The gelatine in Bone Broth helps your pet's body create a healthy, strong digestive system. Dog Naturally Magazine suggests that this high gelatine content can help reduce the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome such as food allergies.
Benefit 2: Bone Broth is great for dogs and cats recovering from an illness or an operation. Bone Broth is super appealing to cats and dogs, and is great for encouraging them to eat if they have been off their food. It's packed full of nutrients (such as amino acids, calcium and magnesium), so it's a really easy way to nourish a pet who won't eat much after a bout of illness or an operation. It can also be used for dogs and cats who don't drink much. 
Benefit 3: It can support healthy joints in cats and dogs. Bone Broth contains nutrients such as glycerine and collagen which contribute to the maintenance of healthy joints. You can use Bone Broth alongside joint supplements in older pets, or as a preventative in younger animals.
Avoid Human Bone Broth for your pets - it often contains garlic and onion which can upset your pets tummy. The salt content is also often too high. 
Top Tip: Give your dog frozen Bone Broth in the summer months to cool and nourish your pooch. 
If you've got some spare time and would like to make your own Bone Broth then Nutriment have shared these four recipes on their blog...but be warned making Bone Broth can take days!
If you're short on time we sell ready made Bone Broth for cats and dogs - prices start from £3.49. 

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