Transition Your Puppy to Raw Food

Transition Your Puppy to Raw Food

Did you know, the University of Helsinki recently conducted a study that food puppy diets affect your dog's health for the rest of their life? No surprise there!

Many of our customers believe that raw food is the way to achieve this health benefits for their new family member and our team is here to help!

How we can help:

  • We can use of vet weighing scales to weigh your puppy and calculate the feeding amounts
  • We can talk you through our carefully chosen range of biologically appropriate raw foods
  • We can use our experience to guide you

What do you need to consider when transitioning your puppy to raw food?

We recommend that you don't feed kibble and raw food in the same meal. We understand that there are many reasons why owners might want to continue to use kibble alongside raw, however our founding Holistic Vet recommends leaving at least 6 hours between feeding raw and kibble to avoid any tummy upset.

We always recommend that the first time you feed raw it's for breakfast rather than the last meal of the day. Changing diets can affect the digestive system in the first fews days, and it is much easier to deal with this during the day when you're around to supervise. 

We recommend using a puppy food with tripe in - this helps to support the tummy during the transition. 

We recommend sticking to the same brand/formula for 7 - 10 days before you start introducing new proteins. 

We do recommend formulas rather than DIY for puppies. Puppies, especially of larger breeds, need very specific balances of nutrients to thrive. This is easily achieved with pre-made raw. 

Puppies need between 6-8% of their current body weight per day. Larger breeds will stay on higher amounts for longer. Puppies can move on to adult foods between 6 and 12 months depending on the breed, smaller dogs can move on to adult formulas before larger dogs (larger dog's bodies just need a little more support as they develop) - it's an art not a science so please contact our team for more help. 

We also recommend using a natural probiotic during the transition process - such as Nutraflora. 

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