Socialise your pup at Ziggys

Socialise your pup at Ziggys

As all good paw-rent know, socialising your pup is more than taking them to the park to play with other dogs. A feel-good sniffari around our natural pet shop will be the perfect positive socialisation experience for your pup.

Here are our top tips to make the visit a happy one :)

Pick the time of your visit carefully

Our quietest time is between 5:30pm and 7pm on Monday evenings, this is the person time to let your pup explore the shop on their own terms. 

Wait until they are 12 weeks

Your pup will really enjoy wandering around at their own pace, so they will get the most of our their visit if you come after their second round of vaccinations. 

Give your pup a quick walk before bringing them in to the shop

We have dogs (and cats) in and out of the shop all the time, so your pup is likely to want to leave their mark. Mark sure they've had a pee before you bring them in to avoid any accidents. 

What else can we do for your puppy at Ziggys?

  • Weight Checks (please double check our treatment room isn't in use before you travel to us)
  • Puppy Intro Grooms
  • Vet Room acclimatisation 
  • Holistic Vet Consultations 
  • Nutrition Consultations - our speciality is helping owners transition their puppy on to a raw food diet 


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