Prepare for Firework Season with Ziggys

Prepare for Firework Season with Ziggys

Each year firework season seems to get longer and longer, which for those of us with nervous pets can make this is tricky time of year!

Read this blog post to find out our top tips for making this time of year as easy as possible for your pet...

Our top three tips for a happy firework season are:

  1. Choose which supplement/nutraceutical you would like to use at least 4 weeks in advance as some products have a three week loading dose before they become fully effective
  2. Make sure your pet's microchip details are up to date, just in case
  3. Walk you dogs early over the next few weeks and consider keeping your cats in at night if you can. 

In the run up to November consider using this timeline: 


If your cat or dog is particularly sensitive to noise and you are planning on using;

  • Dorwest Scullcap and Valerian
  • Hilton Herbs Tranquility Gold
  • Broadreach Relax and Calm

then now is the ideal time to start your loading dose. The big advantage of starting now is that your cat or dog will be ready for any impromptu displays.

TOP TIP: If you are planning on starting a desensitisation programme (and you haven't already begun) then now is a great time to start! 


Now is the time to check that you have what you need! Especially if you are using;
  • Dorwest Valerian Drops
  • Thundershirt
  • Nutracalm
  • Pet Remedy or Broadreach Calming Spray
  • Pet Remedy Diffuser
  • True Hemp Calming Treats 
  • Yora Dreamers
TOP TIP: Start to think about creating a 'safe space' for your pet by covering a pet crate with a heavy blanket. Don't forget to pop a bowl of water and some of their favourite toys/treats in to the crate to make them feel at home. Doing this now will help your pet to get used to their safe space. 

Today is a great time to check that your pet's microchip details are up to date, and that they are wearing a collar with an ID tag just in case. 

If you are using a Pet Remedy Diffuser with a timer plug, then now is a good time to check that it's all working as expected. 

Nutracalm: Will get to work in 1-2 hours and it is effective for up to 24 hours

Valerian Drops: Will start to work in as little as 30 minutes. 


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