Nutravet Training

Nutravet Training

This week Ziggys had the team from Nutravet come and give us training on their products. Being founded by a Holistic Vet,  Ziggys has a passion for the Holistic method of treating your animal and we can't recommend Nutravet enough. 

Here are a few of our teams favourite products!


Nutracalm is a non drowsy stress & anxiety sprinkle capsule. We absolutely love this product, especially during the fireworks season! Nutracalm works between 1-2 hours and can last for up to 24 hours. It can be used as and when or for long term anxieties. It doesn't affect any controlled drugs that your dog or cat may be on from the vet! Can also be used on small furries! 

Nutraquin +

Nutraquin + is for mobility support and joints. It can be used at any age and doesn't interact with any other medications - even from the vet. There is 192mg of Omega 3s in Nutraquin + and is in the form of sprinkle capsules - so super easy to administer! Nutraquin + has anti-inflammatory properties and you'll see a difference between 4 & 7 days!


Nutraplaque is for Dental Care. With seaweed and decaffeinated green tea this product is great at reducing the amount of plaque and tartar build up. The seaweed breaks down the plaque and the green tea makes the surface of the tooth slippery. Resulting in the plaque not being able to adhere to the tooth. It can take up to 4 weeks to notice a different but after these 4 weeks plaque is reduced by 36%. Used continually with regular brushing. Nutraplaque is a brilliant product.


Nutrabio is a high strength natural intestinal support that is one of our most popular products. The ingredients include kale and a little bit clay which act as 'mopping up' ingredients. You start with a loading dose and then go to a maintenance dose, usually not using the whole tube before you notice a difference! It is mainly used for short term acute diarrhoea issues. 


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