Kong Recipe Inspiration

These Raw Food focused Kong recipes are ideal to use during times when there's lots of changes in the home (for example, when the kids are heading back to school or when pawrents are heading back to the office).
Do you have any favourites?
A LOAD OF TRIPE: Try stuffing the Kong with Nutriment Just Tripe and stuffing two Nutriment Wing Tips in the top (flake style!). Finish off with a chef like drizzle of Fish4Dogs Salmon Oil. 
BEGINNERS LUCK: Try loosely stuffing the Kong with treats that will easily fall out, such as Hollings Sprats. Put a line of dog safe peanut butter around the outside of the Kong to encourage your dog to lick it, this will move the Kong around the floor so that the sprats fall out. This is ideal for encouraging dogs to use their Kong toys. 
GET CREATIVE: If you're really really creative you can create animals, like the bird in the picture. The body is made from half a boiled egg, and the features are 'stuck on' using natural yogurt. In this picture, the 'beak' is made from a piece of carrot. 
You could even use a Nutriment Trachea rather than a Kong for fully edible fun!

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