Joint Care for Cats - Our top tips and ingredients to look out for 🐱

Joint Care for Cats - Our top tips and ingredients to look out for 🐱

As the weather gets colder, joint issues in cats can be exacerbated. You many notice that your moggy gets a bit slower when walking around, develops a limp or struggles to get up from lying down. These may be indicators of underlying joint issues. 

Our top tips from managing joint issues in cats are:

1) Our number one top tip is to keep your cat at a healthy weight. If your cat is overweight this can put extra strain on their joints, and ultimately lead to a decreased quality of life. Email us today to book a weight management check up. This includes a weigh in and advice from our expert team. 

2) Make sure your cat has somewhere warm to snuggle up. Just like us, heat can provide some pain relief for achy joints so pop their bed next to a radiator for the ultimate cat nap. 

3) Look for foods which contain ingredients such as Green Lipped Mussels (such as these yummy cat treats) or a food containing salmon which is high in Omega-3 (such as Symply Salmon). We know some cats have very particular tastes, so our well trained team are always on hand to help you pick the best option for your cat. 

3) You may want to add a joint supplement such as Nutraquin or Nutraquin Plus. This amazing supplement works much faster than some other joint supplements, you can expect to see results in as little as 4-7 days. Nutraquin uses 100% natural ingredients such as Boswellia Extract and Glucosamine HCL. We are not allowed to sell Nutraquin online, however we always have a good stock of this product in our shop. There is a loyalty scheme for Nutraquin, so you get every 7th box free. 

4) If you feel your pet's issues are having a big impact on their quality of life then it may be time to book an appointment to see one of our holistic vets (we offer in person and zoom appointments).

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