Holistic Vet & Chinese Herbal Medicine at Ziggys

At Ziggys we offer Holistic Vet services in conjunction with DrJulia Ledger-Muennich, MRCVS.
Julia specialises in Veterinary Acupuncture, Food Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Julia Ledger-Muennich is a Holistic Vet  who believes in treating the root cause of illness, and not simply the symptoms.
Did you know, many insurance policies cover holistic treatment, and our team can help you with this.
To find out more about Julia's specialisms please click here:
Dr Julia Ledger-Muennich MRCVS, will be at Ziggys on Mondays from 2pm - 7:30pm and Tuesdays from 9am - Noon.
Julia previously ran her own Veterinary practice, Chiro Vet Kent, based in Ashford. Read Dr Julia Ledger-Muennich's reviews here. 
To book an appointment with Dr Julia, please email info@ziggyspetsupplies.co uk or call 01342 822 936  and our team will be able to assist you. 
Price list:
 Initial Consultation; 
Dogs & Cats - £140
Small Animal Cancer Consultation and Treatment: £200 (second consultation £140)
Follow up Consultation: 
Dogs & Cats: £100
Small Animal Cancer Consultation and Treatment: £100
Further information;
Traditional Chinese Medicine: As a general guide, Chinese Formulas start at £48 (including VAT) per 100g. Usually, one or two formulas will be perscribed but this does vary and will depend on the individual case.
Injections (aqua-acupuncture): Julia also offers aqua-acupuncture injections to support your animal. For dogs and cats, this is from £30 (depending on the dose).
Cancellations: We kindly request that you provide 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment with Dr Julia Ledger-Meunnich. Unfortunately, we do have to charge £50 for cancellations/changes with in 24 hours of your appointment. 
Insurance: Many insurers cover holistic treatment, which can be attached to ongoing treatment from your conventional vets. We recommend checking your policy to see if you can reclaim the cost of your treatment. Please note, we charge an admin fee of £10 for completion of insurance claims. 

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