Help - my cat is fussy and won't eat their food!

Help - my cat is fussy and won't eat their food!

Cats are notoriously fussy eaters. In the wild cats are predominantly predators, and they eat foods that they know to get the most nutrients out of. Having evolved as predators, means that cats are very specific about the food they will and won't eat to preserve their own health. They aren't being difficult - they are just being cats! Dogs, on the other hand, have evolved scavenger tendencies - this is one reason why cats are seen to be fussier than dogs. 

The desire to hunt is still strong (as many cat owners know!) it means that cats know their food is fresh and not spoiled. This is another reason why cats don’t always like to be ‘served’ their dinner. When cats hunt and kill their food they know its fresh and unlikely to upset their tummies, when it 'arrives' in front of them they don't know whether it's safe to eat or not. 

The easiest way to deal with a ‘fussy’ cat is to feed them their favourite foods, in the same bowl, in the same place in the home and at the same time. We find that raw foods, or food with a high meat content, are the easiest ways to get 'fussy' cats to eat. Our team can help guide you through our carefully chosen range of natural cat foods and find one your cat will love!

Another top tip is to try not to leave their food out too long, this can change the smell of their meal, and cats have a highly developed sense of smell. They are likely to reject any food which they don't believe to be fresh enough to eat. This also include topping up any left over food - for fussy cats they would prefer you to dispose of any unfinished food and feed them from a clean bowl. 

Cats prefer to eat their food at room temperature - mimicking the temperature it would be if they hunted and caught their dinner. A meal which is too hot or too cold can also put a cat off their food, so it’s best to take their food out of the fridge a little while before serving. Pouring some warm bone broth over their food can also help to encourage cats to eat. Bone broth is a great asset for cat owners who struggle to get their pets to eat - it contains a huge hit of nutrients without having to eat a whole portion of food. 

Cats need to feel safe and comfortable to be able to eat their meals. If you are attempting to feed your cat in a busy or noisy part of the home, they may well turn their nose up. Can you find a quiet spot in the home where your cat might prefer to eat their dinner in peace? 

Consider the height of the bowl - cats like to keep their whiskers clean so many prefer a shallow bowl to a bowl that’s too deep. 

Our team have a wealth of nutrition knowledge and have helped even the fussiest cat find a food they love - pop in and speak to our team today. 

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