Egg-quisite Egg recipes for your dog this Easter

Eggs are full of health benefits for dogs, they are high in protein and contain a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals. 

We always advise using organic and free range eggs for your pooch. 

Recipe idea 1 (The Simple One)

Just add an egg to your dog's food bowl! Yes, they can eat the shell too! Some people crack the egg and crush the shell, but you can also pop the egg in whole (you may want to feed your dog in the garden if you are doing this). 

Recipe idea 2 (The Cute One)

See our recent blog on wholesome Kong recipes for how to make this super cute Easter chick Kong using boiled eggs

Recipe Idea 3 (the one for upset tummies)

If your dog has had an upset tummy, you could try a gentle dinner such as scrambled eggs. We also highly recommend Nutrabio for short term tummy upsets.


For more information on how to feed eggs to your dog, and on why feeding eggs to your dog is such a good idea click here to read this article from Dogs Naturally magazine. 

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Hi, this is great advice. My dog has an intolerance to chicken, duck and turkey (raw and cooked meat) though…… Will this also apply to their eggs? Do you know if there are any other eggs I could consider?
Many thanks, J


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