Why does my puppy eat poop? And what you should do about it.

Why does my puppy eat poop? And what you should do about it.


As yucky as it is - this isn't a hugely uncommon habit for puppies and adult dogs to develop. 

Our founding Holistic Vet believes this can be associated with a nutritional deficiency. This doesn't necessarily mean that they're on the wrong diet - some dogs lack enzymes needed to absorb certain nutrients from food. If your puppy seems driven to eat their own poop we recommend:

  • Adding a high quality holistic and natural supplement, such as this one. 
  • Adding pineapple to their dinner - some studies have found the taste of pineapple in their poop is enough to put them off!
  • Check your feeding your puppy enough for their age, weight and activity level (don't forget our lovely team can weigh your dog and help you with this)
  • Assess your routine, perhaps your pup needs a bit more brain training/stimulation in their day to day life 
  • If it's a sudden change, it may be worth speaking to your vet

Things to bear in mind, cattle poop might contain damaging wormers so make sure your pup has excellent recall. 

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